Thursday, May 7, 2009

This Is Your Brain on Joy Review

This is Your Brain on Joy by Dr. Earl Henslin Review:

Finally, a mental health book that provides not only a solution but solid, easy to understand science. Dr. Henslin does a wonderful job examing the subject of "Joy" as it relates to brain health. 

Dr. Henslin uses several methods to diagnose and treat brain disorders including the usual diet, exercise, supplements, and medicine, but he goes even beyond that and works on the brain through mind uplifting methods like aroma therapy, music, reading, prayer, and more. 

Using cutting edge science, Dr. Henslin also explains SPECT Imaging and how it can help to diagnose overactive and underactive areas of the brain in order to more accurately treat brain disorders. Adults or children suffering from ADHD, ADD, depression, PTSD, bi-polar disorder, and so many other brain disorders will find stories and solutions in this book that might change their life. 

Although SPECT Imaging is new and not widely available, I was also happy to find out that the only SPECT imaging center in my state is less than a one hour drive. 

Although this book is written from a Christian perspective and often weaves biblical viewpoints, I recommend this book to everyone. The more we understand the brain, brain disorders, and treatments, the better off our society will be. 


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