Friday, May 22, 2009

Review: Nelson's Illustrated Guide to Religions

I've long been interested in world religions. Back when I was in middle school, I used to go to the school library and read the reference books on religion. I became fascinated by the beliefs of others and wanted to know more. Once again this thirst has been quenched by Nelson's Illustrated Guide to Religions

Non-Christians will most likely not like this book because it often examines the other religions in contrast to Christianity and even criticizes them, but always through the lens of author James A. Beverely. For example, the author makes seven arguments against Islam. He does this with pretty much every religion to some degree. He has seven counterpoints to Judaism, as well as 3 counterpoints to Hinduism. 

The part I enjoyed about the book was reading the historical background of various religions, looking at their timelines, and reading their tenants of faith. The chapter on Hinduism was absolutely fascinating. Spanning 46 pages, it's full of pictures, charts, lists, stories, and leaders. If you are a Christian seeking a better understanding of world religions, I highly recommend this 850 page book that covers 19 religions.


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