Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Review: Real Church by Larry Crabb


Larry Crabb has written a thought provoking book that is sure to spark conversations around the country. Count me among those who have long felt a discord with today's churches. I've actually cried in church, not because I was especially touched by God, but because all the hypocrisy and fake holiness made me truly sad.

I stopped attending Sunday morning services three years ago and have since just joined a less formal and more dedicated group on Wednesday night. Early on in the book Mr. Crabb draws our attention to several places in the Bible where people are rebuked for their false form of worship, citing scripture. That's a powerful wake up call to examine if our church might be rebuked in the same way.

I'm glad Larry Crabb wrote this book. It has certainly stirred up conversations and made more than a few people reconsider church attendance. Over the years I've visited many churches and agree with Larry Crabb that something is missing from the modern church. Although the book does not solve my problems nor the churches current predicament, I think it's done it's job of examining the state of affairs in American churches creating a starting point to opening a dialogue on this issue.

Those who feel something is missing from our church landscape would probably enjoy reading this book. On the other hand, if you are really happy with your church and where it's going, this book would not be worth your time.