Saturday, June 20, 2009

Review: God’s Little Princess Devotional Bible (Sheila Walsh, contributor)

The wonderful thing about God’s Little Princess Devotional Bible is that it is interactive! I can't stress that enough. This book is far more than Bible stories. It contains questions and activities that engage young girls in a way that I haven't seen with other Bibles for young children.

My daughters best friend had this Bible and for the past couple of years they've been talking about it. Author Sheila Walsh is a fantastic writer and really understands kids. I've read her other books and didn't realize that this was by the same author until it arrived and my daughter ran to her room to get the other Sheila Walsh books (which are some of her favorites!).

This is a must-have book for girls ages 5-7, but younger and older will appreciate it as well. Take a peek inside the book with the preview found here, and see for yourself if this would be a delightful book for your daughter, granddaughter, or niece.


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