Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bringing the New Testament to Life for children

Word of Promise Next Generation - New Testament: Dramatized Audio Bible is a brilliant production that will capture your children's attention and make the New Testament much more accessible to youth. Coming in at only 24 hours of audio, this would make ideal listening any time of day.

There are two versions of this set. The first set is 20 CD's which will play on your home or car CD player. The other set is 3 mp3 CD's, which can be played on a computer or uploaded to any MP3 player. Some newer car and home CD players will also play mp3's, just check for the mp3 logo.

Unlike the Inspired By series (which I love) my daughter prefers listening to this as she goes to bed each night. The ambient sounds, special effects, and musical compositions give this set the feel of a high quality audio book. I love the fact that she goes to sleep hearing the word of God.

The one and only complaint that I have is that this version uses the International Children's Bible which I am not very familiar with. Some of the translation sounds a bit odd, but I do understand the publisher is trying to target this set to the 6-14 year old age group. That being said, this is an absolutely wonderful, affordable gift for children. Children can listen while doing chores, homework, going to bed, or just riding in the car. It makes the New Testament so accessible that I wouldn't be surprised if my children begin to memorize their favorite parts.


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